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What are they?

It has been said that in the event of nuclear war some of the only surviving animals will be cockroaches. Despite being heavily irradiated these insects will live to fight another day and have been one of mans biggest pest problems for centuries.

They can live for almost a month without any food, can reproduce at an alarming rate and fit into the smallest nooks and crannies in your premises. Cockroaches are spreaders of disease and pass illness onto humans via shedding their skin and physical contamination of food and water.

Wasps on the other hand hold other fears for us. There markings are designed by nature to warn us to stay away! Unfortunately this is not always possible, especially if they are in our homes and coming into contact with these very social and aggressive insects is not a pleasant experience.

What harm can they do us?

Salmonella bacteria can be spread by cockroaches along with staphylococcus and streptococcus.

These bacteria attach themselves to the body of the insect or the feet and can be physically transferred to food which if eaten can cause us disease.

Wasp are less carriers of disease but can cause more severe reactions in people which may result following a sting. Wasps are especially aggressive social insects and will attack humans or any other animal to defend a nest. Stings are painful, cause localised swelling and in some people severe allergic reactions which may result in respiratory failure and death.


Signs of infection

We all know that Salmonella bacteria will cause vomiting and diarrhoea and in turn dehydration. Again in immune compromised people, the young or elderly these symptoms can be much more severe and kidney or liver damage can result.

Wasp stings will cause local red swelling to the point at where the sting has occurred and may be tender for a number of days afterwards.



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